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Midlothian Youth Football League

Parent and Team Parent Guidelines

2021 MYFL Parent Guidelines

M.Y.F.L., Inc.
A Texas Non-Profit Corporation

1. Parents are to support their child in his/her activities to the best of their ability.
2. All city ordinances are to be adhered to during all MYFL functions, i.e. no alcohol, smoking, foul or abusive language, or pets, etc. Please refer to city website at
3. Parents and spectators are required to stay a minimum of 30 feet away from practice areas and off of the game fields. Our team/head coach can be penalized during a game for violation of this rule. Parents interfering with practice may be asked to leave.
4. Parents are to conduct themselves in a positive manner at all practices, games, and MYFL functions. Any misconduct of parents, spectators, or others at any MYFL function can result in ejection from that site.
5. Parents are responsible for player attendance and notifying the Head coach if player cannot be there. This is a team sport and every member of the team is important and counted on. The coach has sole discretion over whether an absence by my child at a practice or a game is excused or unexcused.
6. Parents are responsible for reading and following all written materials sent home. Parents are expected to familiarize themselves with all the rules and guidelines for their child(ren) as well as themselves.
7. No negative yelling at or belittling of the referees, coaches, Board members, or players/cheerleaders.
8. Parents are responsible for their child(ren) at all times (before & after the games & practices).
9. Volunteering is mandatory to make MYFL the best it can be. Volunteering includes working concession stands, gates, helping coaches and team moms.
10. Any concerns regarding the team/squad will be directed to the coach in private and will not be discussed in front of the team/squad or any individual participant. In the event there is a problem with the coach, immediately contact an MYFL board member.
11. If the head coach or a board member is informed by you, by verbal or written means, that your child has quit, may not be allowed to return to their team/squad or another team/squad, at the coach’s discretion, for the remainder of the season.

Team Parent Guidelines

MYFL – Team Parent Guidelines

1.      Know and follow MYFL and MTFA bylaws.

2.      Follow any rule(s) set forth by the MYFL Board of Directors.

3.      Conduct myself in a manner that is consistent with good sportsmanship at all times.

4.      Always treat game and league officials with respect.  Like you, they are out to help our kids grow to love the game of football.

5.      Have a good and consistent relationship/communication with your coaches, cheer coach, and parents.  This will only help your season.

6.      Do not use or be under the influence of alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, or tobacco at mandatory team events.

7.      Never physically, verbally, or mentally harm a child or parent and be sure parents do the same.

8.      Comply fully with leagues dress code.

9.      Keep accurate and open records, including receipts of all fund raising and team monies.  These books can be requested to be seen by the board and/or parents.

10.   I will report to the board from the time the first practice begins through the last game the team participates in.

11.   I will notify the parents of my team of any Board decisions, upcoming parent meetings, or any other matter which may concern the parents.

12.   I understand that the Board of Directors reserves the right to reject my appointment any time during the league year.

13.   I understand that the MYFL Board of Directors is not responsible for individual team fundraising activities or disbursement of funds.


I the UNDERSIGNED have read and agree to fully comply with the MYFL – Team Parent Guidelines.

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*****Any Rule Violation will be handled and as the MYFL Board of Directors sees fit.*****