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Midlothian Youth Football League


2020 MYFL Participation Guidelines

M.Y.F.L., Inc.
A Texas Non-Profit Corporation

Participant: M.Y.F.L. Participant Oath:  M.Y.F.L. Participants are leaders.  One of the duties of serving as a participant is to possess qualities worthy of peer admiration.  Participants will follow all rules set out by the M.Y.F.L Bylaws and all participant guidelines.  Participants will be respectful, polite, and courteous at all times.  Participants will remember that academics are a priority.  Participants will always be in uniform at all M.Y.F.L. games.  Participants will be cooperative and positive when working with any of their peers or adults.  M.Y.F.L. Guidelines:  I understand and agree to abide by the following Participants guidelines: 
1.      I agree to attend any meeting called by the Town Rep, Cheerleading Director, and Assistant Cheer Director or any practice called by my coach.   2.      I understand that my fellow Participants depend on me and expect me to be present at all practices and all games. 
a.       I agree to be on time for all practices and games. 
b.      I agree to notify my coach in the event I must be absent from practice or from a game. 
c.       In the event I do not notify my coach and my absence is therefore considered unexcused, then I understand that there are consequences for         not attending practices or missing a game. Excuses of absences are entirely at the discretion of the coach. 
     *Football - I understand that if I attend all practices for the week, the minimum amount of plays I shall play will be
      If attendance becomes an issue and a player constantly misses and or is late to practice the issue will brought to the MYFL for further review.
d.      I understand that if I inform my coach or a board member that I quit, I will not be allowed to return to my team/squad or another team/squad for          the remainder of the season. 
e.       I agree to arrive at the game field 30 minutes prior to game time. 
3.      I agree to participate in any parades or other activities as directed by the Town Rep, Cheerleading Director, and Assistant Cheer Director. 
a.       Football - I will only wear my uniform to official M.Y.F.L activities and only if given permission by my Head Coach.
4.      I will not use inappropriate language.
5.      I will be a good sportsman at all times. 
6.      Football - I will not wear jewelry to practice and/or to games.
7.      I will not chew gum or candy while at practices or at a game. 
8.      I agree to be respectful at all times to any adults, sponsors, coaches, football players, cheerleaders.