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Midlothian Youth Football League


Sizing Information


Weight -- Jersey

60lbs- YS
80lbs- YM
150-160 lbs- Y2XL
190-210lbs- Y3XL
240lbs- A2XL


The M.Y.F.L., Inc. carries insurance on the children, but it is only a supplemental policy.

I, the parent or guardian of the registrant, a minor, agrees that I and registrant will abide by the rules of the Midlothian Youth Football League, Inc.  I understand and recognize there are dangers and the possibility of injury associated with football and cheerleading. I give my consent for emergency treatment by a duly licensed physician of medicine or doctor of dentistry. This treatment may be given under whatever conditions are necessary to prevent the life, limbs, or well-being of said child. I absolve the Midlothian Youth Football League, Inc., (including Cheerleaders, Brazos Valley Football Association, and affiliated organization, sponsors, and coaches, their employer and associated personnel, board members, the owners of the fields) from responsibility for any injury sustained while attending practices, games, or any activity and/or being transported to/from any of the same. I also give my consent to the coach and/or his or her designee to provide transportation for my child should the need arise.